How you can Help...

  • 1. Make a Donation


    With a donation to DDII, you can help artisanal miners and their families live better, more productive lives, contributing to the growth and development of the countries where they work.

  • 2. Write a Letter


    DDII takes a development approach to diamonds, serving as a complement to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process was established in 2003 to put an end to the problem of conflict or “blood” diamonds. As such, the KP regulates the global trade in rough diamonds, but political debates have sometimes prevented quick, meaningful remedial action when problems arise. A letter to the Chair of the Kimberley Process expressing support for the toughest possible regulation in the trade of rough diamonds could be very helpful. Contact information for the Kimberley Process.

  • 3. Ask your Jeweller


    At the end of January 2010, DDII will be initiating a program for Jewelers in the United States and Canada, called Friends of DDII. In return for a small annual membership, jewelers will receive regular information about DDII, the “development diamond standards” that we are creating, and other efforts to improve the lives of artisanal diamond diggers, their families and their communities. Jewelers will be able to pass this information on to customers who are interested in knowing more about the effort to create better livelihoods and “clean” diamonds. Ask your jeweler if they are a member. Print out our cover page on Friends of DDII and take it along.

  • 4. Tell your Friends


    Tell your friends about DDII and think about ways they might become involved or how, with them, you might develop your own DDII support project like Tej Sood (See Tej Sood: Marathon Man).

    Please follow us and share on social media.

Fundraising for the DDI


Tej Sood:
Marathon Man

Tej Sood is a publisher who works in London for Anthem Press. He is also an avid runner. In November 2009 he entered the classic Florence Marathon. The Florence Marathon, in its 26th year, is the premier running event in Italy and one of the world’s top marathon events. More than 9000 people run, almost one third of them travelling to Italy for the event.

There is no obligation to find sponsors, but Tej knew about an on-line fundraising mechanism called First Giving. First Giving allows anyone – kids, students, parents, professionals – to set up their own fundraising page that talks about why they support a charitable organization.

Tej chose DDII and linked his page to a marathon that he was going to run anyway. There was no cost to DDII, and Tej raised hundreds of dollars doing something that he enjoyed.