Become a Friend of DDI International

The Friends of DDI program enables suppliers and retailers in the diamond industry to support our work, and respond to consumer concerns over ethical diamonds.

Choose your friendship level:

Eureka Friend


$250 - $999

Jubilee Friend


$1000 - $2999

Millennium Star



  • Position your business to respond to consumers’ preferences for ethical jewellery by supporting DDI’s work on “development diamonds”.
  • Pursue your personal aspiration for ethical diamonds.
  • Play a role in advancing the sustainable, social and economic development of under-privileged members of the diamond industry family.
  • Stay informed about DDI and the difference it makes throughout your industry: from miners to consumers.

What you get for your Friendship Level:

Green Green Green A selection of materials detailing DDI’s work with artisanal diamond miners in Africa and South America that also highlights our positive linkages with you.
Green Green Green Open invitations to participate and network at relevant local DDI-associated events including workshops, seminars, launches, talks and roundtables.
Green Green Green An attractive counter display bringing to the attention of customers that you support DDI.
Green Green Green Acknowledgement at DDI events and at presentations.
Green Green Green A certificate recognizing your support to DDI.
Green Green Green Acknowledgement of your support on DDI’s website.
Green Green Listing in DDI’s Annual Report.
Green Green Recognition of your support on DDI’s website, with your logo and a link to your website.
Green A banner highlighting your support to DDI, for display at trade shows or similar events.
Green A profile of your CSR activities in DDI’s upcoming Newsletter - “dDiscourse”.
Green A press release about the retailers sponsorship of DDI.
Green DDI project reports.

Retailers Friendship Kit: