DDI supports academic journey of former Mobile School students

DDI supports academic journey of former Mobile School students

Students in four mobile schools in two provinces of the DRC completed their remedial primary school course and successfully passed their state exams in 2017. What’s next?

DDI, along with program sponsors Signet Jewelers and Brilliant Earth, believes that these children should have the opportunity to continue their education. Their families and communities are also eager for that to happen, so the next phase of the program consists of supporting these students as they continue on to secondary school.

The context is not an easy one.

There are many factors that could deter these children from continuing their education: the distance and poor roads to the nearest secondary school; the cost of school fees, uniforms, supplies and school lunches; the lure of work; mobility of the family; and even early marriage.

DDI is addressing these challenges in the new High School Support Program (HSSP) by ensuring that the social and economic supports are in place to provide students who graduated from the mobile school the opportunity to succeed in this next phase.

Albert Muepu, DDI consultant working in the DRC, says it is clear that the students are eager to do their part. “The students are now totally focused on secondary school, especially since they learned that DDI will continue to support them. They are extremely motivated to continue their studies.”

DDI and its partners are proud to encourage their determination and accompany their academic journey.