Communiqué: DDI hires Delia Fagundes to help mark 10th anniversary in 2018

The Diamond Development Initiative is preparing to celebrate its 10-year journey to 2018. After 10 years of extensive action-research, project development, practical experience, and working to make the artisanal diamond-mining sector better organized, equitable and more responsible, it is time to reflect, share and celebrate. In the upcoming year, we would like to create the space for dialogue and exchange, present our ongoing projects and create new opportunities for engagement through a series of events and conferences.

With the relaunch of the Maendeleo Diamond Standards in 2016, we created a solid framework for artisanal miner’s rights. With the ongoing registration of miner’s in countries such as the DRC and Sierra Leone, our efforts to formalize the artisanal diamond-mining sector are bearing fruit. And of course, with your ongoing support, we have continued to increase our transformative impact, giving us multiple reasons to celebrate.

We are pleased to present to you Delia Fagundes, who will be working on this series of events as our new Fundraiser and Events Manager .

Delia Fagundes holds an Honours B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science from the University of Toronto. After a brief sojourn in Europe, she returned to Canada to do a Master’s in International Relations at Université Laval. She finished her degree with a CIDA-funded internship in Brazil with the organization Mulheres Mil, working to bring rural women back into the public school system.

Following her role in the organization of the 3rd annual Université d’été sur la francophonie des Amériques, Delia returned to Latin America to teach English and French at the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), a government-run trade school in Colombia.

Her proudest achievement was the creation and establishment of ImagiNation: A Writers’ Festival, an event that has become a vital stop on the Canadian literary circuit.

Delia speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.