Registration of artisanal miners and diamond production tracking

In most countries with artisanal alluvial diamond production, the vast majority of artisanal diggers remain unregistered, unregulated and largely unaccounted for. That is also true for the large group of intermediaries (traders) who buy diamonds from diggers at mine sites.

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Downstream, the most part there is no systematic documentation of the interactions between buyers and the traders they buy from. Yet, internal controls over the mining and trade in rough diamonds are a crucial component of the Kimberley Process conflict prevention objective. It requires concrete steps in the creation of effective internal controls over alluvial production and trade in alluvial diamonds backed up with adequate provisions for penalties; regular cross checking of production records with sales records; and indication of the origin of diamonds on all invoices.

The registration and production tracking system proposed by DDI responds to these KP requirements. It will help to formalize an industry that operates to a very large extent in the informal sector. The registration system is an important platform for other DDI projects, such as Development Diamond Standards and Mechanisation, but also more generally--for broader development interventions. Having information on who is involved and what transactions occur, is an indispensable basis for other interventions in the sector.

DDI International is currently implementing the registration and production tracking system in Congo-DRC with funding from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT)

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