“To blame diamonds – or any gem or metal – for fuelling conflict misses the fact that plenty of good can be accomplished with earnings from natural resources.”

Patrick Mazimhaka, African Union Commission

Senior Advisors

Simon Gilbert - Extractive Industries Management Consultant, UK-Past Member, DDI Board

Jon Hobbs - Responsible Trade & Investment Advisor, WWF; Tanzania- Past Member, DDI Board

Ray Simmons - Founding Director and President of the Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability; USA- Past Member, DDI Board

Advisory Group

Saleem Ali – Director, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Australia

Ernie Blom – Vice President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, South Africa

Abu Brima – Network Movement for Justice& Development, Sierra Leone

Abbey Chikane – Past Chair, Kimberley Process, South Africa

Peggy Jo Donahue – Donahue and Associates, USA

Amir Dossal – Executive Director, UN Fund for International Partnerships, USA

Chaim Even-Zohar – Tacy Ltd., Author, Journalist, Consultant, Israel

Jeffrey Fischer – President, Fischer Diamonds Inc., USA

Nigel Fisher – UN Deputy Special Representative for Haiti, Canada

Ronny Friedman – President, Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America

Karen Hayes – PACT, UK

Eli Izhakoff – Chairman and CEO, World Diamond Council, USA

Baudouin Hamuli Kabarhuza – CENADEP, Democratic Republic of Congo

Ben Kinzler – Executive Director, International Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America, USA

Rosemary McCarney – President & CEO Plan, Canada

António Pedro – Regional Director, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Rwanda

David Pratt – Vice President, GCI Group, Former Minister of Defense, Canada

Martin Rapaport – Rapaport Group of Companies, Israel

Bernard Taylor – Director Partnership Africa Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Salil Tripathi – Institute for Human Rights and Business, UK

Steven Ursino – Deputy Special Representative of the UN, Former UNDP Liberia Country Director

Greg Valerio – Jeweller and Activist, UK

Ronnie VanderLinden – Secretary General, International Diamond Manufacturers Association and President, Diamex Inc.

Prof. Alyson Warhurst – University of Warwick, Warwick Business School, UK

Dr. John Watson – University of Ottawa, Former Executive Director, Care, Canada

Alex Yearsley – UN Consultant, UK

Edward Zwick – Film Producer and director (Glory, Last Samurai, Blood Diamond), USA

Board of Directors