“Diamonds are associated with positive events in people's lives, any association with anything violent is something that has to be addressed by our industry and has been addressed and will be addressed.”

Cecilia Gardner, World Diamond Council

Our Policies

DDII Code of Ethics

DDII strives to act in accordance with established standards for development organizations, including those of the Civicus International Non-Governmental Organizations Accountability Charter.

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DDII Projects Policy

DDII will support and contribute to the research, development, implementation and advocacy of policies, programmes, plans and projects that aim to enhance the development prospects of artisanal diamond miners.

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DDII Partners Policy

DDII is interested in partnering with other organizations for such activities as research, policy development and project execution. DDII partners may include international NGOs, governments, academic institutions, and national and local NGOs.

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DDII Policy on Fundraising

DDII is committed to research, advocacy and support of on-the-ground projects that will lead to socioeconomic improvements in the artisanal diamond mining sector.

DDII welcomes contributions that will help advance and support its mandate. DDII accepts contributions from governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, foundations and individuals.

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DDII Conflict of Interest Policy

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DDII Bylaws

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Board of Directors

Advisory Panel