Southern Relations and Partnering Fund

DDI aims to draw donor agencies, international and local NGOs into development projects to address the challenges facing the artisanal diamond mining areas through its Southern Relations and Partnering Fund. Most of these projects are small and experimental, but all have replicability and learning as a requirement and as such have a great deal to teach in terms of larger and longer-term approaches.

The Fund allows DDI to leverage funds of other international and national organizations for projects that correspond to DDI’s objectives and goals. Because it is important for DDI to be responsive to other organizations often struggling themselves to engage donors in their work, we are requesting a small amount of funding for our Southern Relations and Partnering Fund.

The Southern Relations component will be specifically used to support the efforts of Southern organizations working on issues affecting artisanal diamond miners. Projects will be small in scale. This will enhance DDI’s links with Southern actors on the ground. The Partnering component will continue to allow DDI to leverage funds of international organizations working with diamond mining communities. To date DDI has supported 5 organizations with an overall amount of $89,000 US.