“The DDII offers and intelligent approach to the long-standing problems of artisanal diamond mining. Regulation has its place, but development problems require development solutions.”

Ministry of Mineral Resources, Sierra Leone.

DDII Publications

Kimberly Process: Problems and Opportunities

By Ian Smillie, March 2011

Assessment of the Kimberley Process in enhancing formalization and certification in the diamond industry – problems and opportunities.

Diamonds Positives Schemes

By Ian Smillie, December 2010

Assessment of "positive" schemes to enhance formalization and certification in the diamond industry.

dDiscourse - Issue 1, November 2009

dDiscourse - News and Views on Artisanal Diamond Mining and Development

DDII Newsletter, Issue 1, November 2009

In this issue:

  • Keynote perspective - Dorothée Gizenga interviews Joaquim Chissano
  • DDII Expressions - Child's Play by Ian Smillie
  • Feature Article - Gold & Diamonds by Shawn Blore
  • Development Outlook - Homeward Bound: Helping Sierra Leone's Diggers out of the Pits by Joan Baxter
  • and more...
DDII Policy Brief - Policy Implications in Land Rehabilitation

Policy Brief - FILLING IN THE HOLES, Policy Implications in Land Rehabilitation: Sierra Leone’s Artisanal Diamond Mining Challenge

Joan Baxter, May 2009

This Policy Brief discusses land rehabilitation in Sierra Leone, and the efforts of two organizations to find sustainable solutions. It highlights the lessons that they have learned so far, and it offers policy advice to the government of Sierra Leone as it revises its mining and mineral policies.

Policy Backgrounder - Artisanal Diamond Mining and Gender: An Overview

Policy Backgrounder- Artisanal Diamond Mining and Gender: An Overview

Monica Gagnon, May 2009

An overview of gender issues relating to the artisanal diamond mining sector. This paper is part of a series of background papers on artisanal diamond mining and basic development issues. It complements DDII’s regular series of Policy Briefs. Others in the series will deal with topics such as the environment, health, microfinance and community development.

DDII Policy Brief - Artisanal Diamond Cooperatives in Sierra Leone: Success or Failure?

Policy Brief - Artisanal Diamond Cooperatives in Sierra Leone: Success or Failure?

Estelle Agnes Levin with Ansumana Babar Turay, June 2008

From September 1999 to December 2007, Management Systems International (MSI) was contracted by USAID to manage its US$6.5 million Integrated Diamond Management Program (IDMP) and its Peace Diamond Alliance (PDA) in Sierra Leone. The project aimed to formalize and rationalize the artisanal sector, and increase local beneficiation.

English Version
French Version
Portuguese Version
Full Case Study - Artisinal Diamond Cooperatives in Sierra Leone: Succuss or Failure?
2008 Annual Report - Beyond Dreams: The Journey Begins.

2008 Annual Report - Beyond Dreams: The Journey Begins

DDII’s Mission

To gather all interested parties into a process that will address, in a comprehensive way, the political, social and economic challenges facing the artisanal diamond mining sector in order to optimize the beneficial development impact of artisanal diamond mining to miners and their communities within the countries in which the diamonds are mined.

Standard and Guideline fir Sierra Leone's Artisanal Diamond Mining Sector

Standards & Guidelines for Sierra Leone’s Artisanal Diamond Mining Sector

May 2008

This guide contains practical, relevant standards and guidelines for companies, government departments and development organizations interested in working where artisanal alluvial diamond mining takes place. The first set of guidelines has been produced for Sierra Leone and the project is now being replicated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Purpose, Objectives, Guidelines and Outcomes of the Sierra Leone Project
View a PDF of the Standards & Guidelines for Sierra Leone
Diamonds for Development - The Dynamics of Diamond Marketing and Pricing in Sierra Leone

The Dynamics of Diamond Pricing and Marketing in Sierra Leone

by Estelle Levin and Lansana Gberie, March 2006

This study of resource flows in Sierra Leone describes how diamonds move from the mining areas to the point of export, how prices change along the pipeline, and where the highest returns are made. The report is available in a full and a summary version.

Summary Version
Full Version
Policy Brief - April 2006
Report on the Proceedings of the DDII Conference

Report of the Proceedings of the DDII Conference

- Accra, October 2005

How can artisanal mining, the dominant mode of diamond production in several African countries, be made more efficient and beneficial to the miners, and to the countries in which they work?

Background Paper on Micro Development Issues - by Ian Smillie, August 2005

Why is the DDII Important at a Micro Economic Level? What are the constraints to a free, fair and competitive market for artisanal diamond miners? Are there entry points, pressure points or "choke points" that might advance initiatives that aim to support artisanal miners? Are there positive and/or negative lessons from current or previous initiatives? What capacities exist to deal with the challenges and opportunities? What additional capacities are needed? What more do we need to know? Who needs to be involved in taking the issue forward?

Background Paper on Macroeconomic Issues - by Chaim Even-Zohar, August 2005

This paper reviews challenges and opportunities for positive change in the macroeconomic environments of Africa's alluvial diamond producing countries, focusing particularly on the artisanal sector.

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