Cooperatives 2015-2016

Country Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Target Areas Maniema, South Kivu and Orientale provinces
Region Africa
Funder PROMINES – World Bank, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, SAESSCAM
Status Ongoing


  • Following on the registration process in the DR Congo in 2015, miner associations were formed in three provinces, involving 225 members: an association of traders in Orientale, an association of women diggers in South-Kivu, and a mixed association (men and women) in Maniema.
  • New associations are being created, based on an outreach program that uses radio and site visits to sensitize and motivate miners to form associations or to join existing ones
  • Members are trained on mining methods and labour conditions, conflict resolution, cooperative governance, leadership, entrepreneurship and economics.
  • Emphasis is placed on setting up administrative and legal structures for each cooperative, as well as developing and implementing a business plan
  • Development standards are introduced, in order to identify and engage mining sites that are eligible for the Maendeleo Diamond Standards program or the Alliance for Responsible Gold Mining system, a comparable certification system for artisanally-mined gold.

Expected results

  • Associations will complete the legalization process and adopt bylaws and business plan and benefit-sharing schemes
  • New association will be supported or established based on DDI’s model
  • Existing associations will increase their membership
  • Miners and their associations will be empowered to become more self-sustainable through training and governance support
  • Adult literacy programs will be delivered to women’s cooperatives
  • Development standards will be presented and eligible sites will be identified
  • Mining licenses will be issued by SAESSCAM – DRC government’s artisanal mining department
  • Up to 25,000 new miners will be registered and grouped into associations through partnership with SAESSCAM