Mobile schooling

Sending schools to kids

Schools are often far away from artisanal mining communities, so children miss out on formal education and may work in the mining fields. That’s why DDI is sending schools to them, taking them from the mine to the classroom.

How it works

  • An artisanal mining community is identified where children have little or no access to formal education
  • Students are selected according to their eligibility for a two-year remedial program designed to enable them to complete their primary school diploma
  • A classroom is set up, teachers are trained and brought into the community, and portable materials are provided
  • Students are provided with uniforms, school materials, and daily meals
  • Community members are involved every step of the way, helping with: construction, cooking, security, monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Purpose of the program

  • Students who might otherwise work in the mines are provided with the opportunity to go to school
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills to improve their future prospects
  • Communities share in the responsibility for their own development
  • Government agencies and other civil society organizations are made aware of the need for educational services in remote communities

What you can do

For $35,000 USD a year you can offer education and a brighter future to 25 students.

Your sponsored school will be officially named after you, showing that you care wherever the school is mentioned.

You will receive regular updates and an annual school report card, outlining the activities and accomplishments made possible by your sponsorship. 

Contact us to speak about sponsoring a school

Schools sponsored so far: 4