Partnership Project:

Street Kids International Youth-driven study in Sierra Leone

For youth involved in artisanal diamond mining, very little information is available on opportunities to complete formal schooling and on alternative livelihood options that are responsive to market needs.

Preliminary research has shown that young people working in diamond communities see their work as short-term. They dream of finding a better job, going to school and getting married. Current programmes do not integrate work and education; and as such, participation in one largely prohibits participation in the other. Yet, this integration is a need for many youth fending for themselves. This project aims to include both elements and outline practical steps towards service delivery.

The conclusions will serve to assist local government, local and international NGOs in determining programs that will promote an income diversification and resultantly, increased scholastic performance in areas where artisanal mining is the primary income source.

The project began in March, 2009 and will conclude by March, 2010.

Creating opportunities for formal schooling
Creating opportunities for formal schooling