Country Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Target Areas Mbuji-Mayi, Kasaï Oriental province
Tshikapa, Kasaï Occidental province
Region Africa
Funder Global Affaires Canada (DFATD)
Timeline January to December 2011
Status Completed

In 2011, with the goal of bringing change to the alluvial diamond mining sector in DRC, the Diamond Development Initiative worked with the DRC government, civil society and the private sector to implement a system of registration of artisanal diamond miners. The project achieved the registration of 101,000 miners in the two Kasaï provinces, people involved at every level of diamond production and trading.

Registration was carried out using a database that recorded demographic and socio-economic information about miners. It also provided geographical information about the artisanal diamond mining sites. The project also included developing a map of artisanal diamond mining locations in the two pilot zones in the Kasai provinces.

The resulting system provides data concerning artisanal miners, their revenue and productivity, as well as other important information that can contribute to a census of the population in this sector.

The project was implemented with four local NGOs, and consisted of pilot projects in two conflict-free mining regions with a high concentration of mining sites: Mbuji-Mayi et Tshikapa (including Kananga).


  • February 2011 : project launch in Kinshasa
  • Advocacy with the Minister of Mines to lower the cost of miners cards
  • Sensitization workshops for miners
  • Sensitization of local authorities
  • Sensitization of traders, buyers’ houses and comptoirs
  • Training 90 registration agents on registration techniques
  • Training 20 registration agents on the use of GPS equipment, 10 per province
  • Training 9 coders
  • Registration operations
  • Presentation of the results at the Kimberley Process intersessionnel and plenary in June and November 2011
  • Mapping of artisanal mining sites in the project areas


  • 100,000 miners were registered
  • 60% of the data was loaded into the database and published
  • Artisanal miners and traders were sensitized to the need of formalizing mining operations
  • Database and maps provided to the government of the DRC
  • Signature of a ministerial order to lower the cost of the miners’ card for artisanal miners