Who we are

DDI Mission Statement

The Diamond Development Initiative International (DDI) is a concerted effort to gather all interested parties into a process that will address, in a comprehensive way, the political, social and economic challenges facing the artisanal diamond mining sector in order to optimize the beneficial development impact of artisanal diamond mining to miners and their communities within the countries in which the diamonds are mined.

What we do

Working directly with artisanal miners, DDI seeks to promote better understanding and solutions for problems that have remained unresolved since the discovery of diamonds in Africa. Our goal is for miners and their communities to become an appreciated and respected part of the diamond value chain. Through our various activities, we seek to transform the diamond’s legacy of violence and chaos into a more developmentally sound enterprise where people can earn decent livelihoods in peace.

  • We conduct action-research to influence positive policy change in governments, the diamond mining industry and in agencies and organizations interested in this sector.
  • We undertake projects on our own and in partnership with other organizations that align with our mandate of improving the socio-economic conditions and beneficiation of artisanal miners.
  • We engage in education, policy dialogue and policy development which directly affects artisanal diamond mining.