Senior Advisors

Andrew Bone - Executive Director, Responsible Jewellery Council, UK

Jon Hobbs - Director, Extractives Sector, WWF International, UK

Marie-Chantal Kaninda - Executive Director, World Diamond Council

Ray Simmons - President, Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability, USA


Saleem Ali - Chair in Sustainable Resource Development, University of Queensland, Australia

Ernie Blom - President, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, South Africa

Abu Brima - Executive Director, Network Movement for Justice& Development, Sierra Leone

Abbey Chikane - Executive Chairman, SSI Holdings, South Africa

Peggy Jo Donahue - Owner, Donahue and Associates, USA

Amir Dossal - President & CEO, Global Partnerships Forum, USA

Chaim Even-Zohar - Tacy Ltd., Author, Journalist, Consultant, Israel

Jeffrey Fischer - President, Fischer Diamonds Inc., USA

Nigel Fisher - COO, Allied BioScience Canada, Canada

Ronny Friedman - President, William Friedman Diamonds, USA

Karen Hayes - Director, Mines to Markets, PACT, UK

Eli Izhakoff - Chairman, World Jewelry Hub, Panama

Baudouin Hamuli Kabarhuza - National Coordinator, International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, DRC

Ben Kinzler - General Counsel, International Diamond Manufacturers Association, USA

Rosemary McCarney - Ambassador and Permanent Representative, United Nations and World Trade Organization, Switzerland

António Pedro - Regional Director, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Rwanda

David Pratt - Vice President, GCI Group, Former Minister of Defense, Canada

Martin Rapaport - President, Rapaport Group of Companies, Israel

Bernard Taylor - Former Director, Partnership Africa Canada, Canada

Salil Tripathi - Director of Policy, Institute for Human Rights and Business, UK

Greg Valerio - Jeweller and Activist, Valerio Jewellery, UK

Ronnie VanderLinden - President, Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA), USA

Alyson Warhurst - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Verisk Maplecroft, UK

Dr. John Watson - Professor of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada

Edward Zwick - Film Producer and director (Glory, Last Samurai, Blood Diamond), USA