Until mid 2007, the DDII Coordinating Group included Partnership Africa Canada, the Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability, Global Witness, De Beers, the Rapaport Group, the International Diamond Manufacturer's Association and the Communities and Small-Scale Mining Secretariat of the World Bank (CASM). In June 2007, the coordinating group gave way to a new Board of Directors and a larger Advisory Group.

In January 2008, DDI International appointed its first Executive Director. Dorothée Gizenga, who was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a Canadian who holds degrees in chemistry and economics. She has held positions with the provincial government of Ontario and the Canadian Federal Government, and has worked extensively with community organizations in Canada and Africa. In 2003, Dorothée Gizenga joined Partnership Africa Canada, an international NGO focusing on policy and research in the areas of peace, human security and sustainable development.

At Partnership Africa Canada, she was responsible for supporting the implementation of projects related to the Kimberley Process, the International Conference for Peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, and the prevention of violence against women in conflict zones. She also took part in the creation and development of the Diamond Development Initiative. Her experience includes policy development, international negotiation, evaluation, project design, management and coordination, and working with disadvantaged and marginalized groups. Multilingual, Dorothée Gizenga speaks English, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Legal Status

DDII is incorporated as a non profit organization in the United States, in the District of Columbia, and is registered with the National Revenue Service as a 501c3 charitable organization. DDII is envisaged as the centre of an organization that will encourage affiliates in different countries where there is interest in its aims and objectives. These may, in time, include existing non-profit organizations, or they may be stand-alone affiliates operating exclusively under the DDII label. DDII Canada is currently being incorporated. DDII will establish quality standards for all projects, publications and organizations working under the DDII name.

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